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    Default Taurus 1911

    I am in the market for a new 1911. Just curious if anyone has any experience with these?

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    There was an article in Guns or American Handgunner where Clint Smith said he has one that has about 5000 rounds through it with little or no problems. Rick at AK Shooters Supply has one that he's shot a lot and he pretty much likes it-except for the lock in the hammer. He plans to switch out the hammer.
    It looks like a lot of gun for the money.

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    That piece is the same as any other Taurus.... some of them are great and others are not. Taurus quality is good as far as most of their parts are concerned; the issue lies with their QC (as is the same with several other manufacturers of late). Last I heard they were making all or nearly all of their parts in-house, so that does account for some of the pricing.... it's not necessarily low quality parts as some people believe.

    If you get a good Taurus it's a keeper... if you get a bad one you can expect multiple problems with it. I've shot some Taurus products that I would have paid Sig prices for; I've also shot some that I wouldn't may Raven or Hi Point prices for. Most of them are pretty good though... the ones we really had problems with were the Tracker in 44 mag. They beat themselves up a little bit and several came back. Other than that there were a sprinkling of various models... everything from compact 40's to full-size 45's. There was nothing in common with any one line, just spotty QC over the whole spectrum.

    If you are looking for something in the Taurus price range it wouldn't hurt to check them out, but if it were me I would look at the Springfield too. You can get the stainless GI model for around $500, which is in the same price range as the Taurus. If you want upgrades you can handle them after the initial purchase, and most people's opinion would be that the Springfield is a better gun to start with.
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    Default So far, so good.

    I've had my PT1911 for about six months now and have ran about 600 rounds through it. It hasn't had one hiccup. It is without a doubt the most accurate 1911 I've owned, but I have never been able to afford one of the high end autos. The only problem I have had is one of the grip screws backed out and that's it. This is the third Taurus that I have bought. I also have a PT145 SS and a 24/7 blue in 9mm. All three guns have performed perfectly so far, so I can't complain. Taurus quality has certainly gotten better in the last few years. I believe that one of the Colt VP's is now running the US side of the business for Taurus and that he is the one that spec'd the PT1911. Get one, you won't be sorry for the bucks. I know you can buy a Mil spec Springer for about the same money, but the Taurus already has all the typical aftermarket goodies installed and has a much better trigger and Hynie straight eight sights.


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