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Thread: Alpen Rainier binoculars

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    Default Alpen Rainier binoculars

    Does anyone have any experience with these or any other Alpen binoculars? I'am wanting a good set of binoculars(mid priced) and i found these for 450.00(799.99 at SW). Any help would be appreciated.

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    Coop, a number of years ago I bought a set of alpens (cant remember the model) at the sportsmans show. when driving along the old glenn and when I tried to glass (in my truck), they fogged up. They did honor there warrenty and I got my money back.

    Coulda been a bad set, dont know.

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    Thumbs up alpen shasta

    bought a pair of alpen shasta's off e-bay last year. 8x42, great clarity, fogproof (from inside at 75 to outside at 20) way better than my old cabelas or pentax. a little heavy (28oz) but worth it.

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    Default Alpen Rainier

    I just picked up a pair from Ebay also, great glass! A little heavy but I can deal with it!


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