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    Question Wood Smoker

    I am new to this forum. I am also an avid smoker (no tobacco) of fish, ham, sausages and other stuff. I have learned a lot about smoking salmon from some of your posts. I fish for them in the great lakes. You have a lot of wonderful recipes and I have tried some of them already. MMMMMM.
    My home made smoker has seen better days and I need to get an other one. I have been looking at the Bradley Digital Smoker. Also at an other make of electric smoker without the automatic wood pellet feed. Both have thermostatic temperature controls. The latter uses a pan for the wood chips. Does anyone have any experience with the Bradley smoker and which is the more practical buy. I don't mind the price of the Bradley but I hesitate a little because I don't want to be stuck of having to use only the wood chip pellets.
    Any suggestions or experiences will be welcome.
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    Default Go Bradley....

    I share a bradley with my hunting/fishing partner and it is very easy, reliable and even smokin'.

    I have had other smokers and they can't even hold a candle to the Bradley. Set the temperature to what you need, drop in some wood discs and Wal-lah that's it. The first batch or two keep and eye on the time and what ever your smoking to get a feel for how it heats, after that they are really consistant smokers.

    Very nice but I wish it had more room......Seems every smoker is small.


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