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Thread: Backwoods Home Magazine Resources

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    Default Backwoods Home Magazine Resources

    Here are some links to resources that might prove helpful for anyone insterested in homesteading, remote and/or off-grid living:

    Article Index By Subject

    Ask Jackie Clay (Q&A on homesteading, remote living, canning, self-reliance)

    Ask Jackie Online (More of above)

    Jackie Clay Blog (Life on her remote homestead in Minnesota, homesteading in general)

    Energy Articles

    Ask Jeff Yago (Alternative energy, solar, off-grid)

    Massad Ayoob (Firearms)

    and, if you'll pardon some shameless promotion...

    Subscribe to Backwoods Home Magazine

    BHM Anthologies & CDs

    Please let me know if you have any questions about or problems with any pages or features on the BHM website.



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    I don't know if it was ever referenced prior, but Backwoods Home Magazine had an article on homesteading in Alaska as part of their small town America series. Specifically, it dealt with Prince of Wales Island (Thorne Bay).

    Though the article was not comprehensive enough in all the necessary little details, it left me with a taste for wanting to find out more.


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