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Thread: Fort Rich Rules/Regs questions

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    Default Fort Rich Rules/Regs questions

    I am planning on getting my archery certification this spring and have a few questions about the Fort Rich archery hunts. Thanks to anyone that can help.

    I read that you have to check in and out of the area daily. Do you have to drive somewhere to check in and out or do you call to let them know you are hunting?

    If you are successful, do you have to get someone from the base to inspect the animal before you start butchering and packing it out?

    Are the base's shooting proficiency standards similar to that of the certification course?

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    You have to check in at the front gate daily. It's not really out of the way, and if you get up early it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

    Upon taking an animal, you need to have someone inspect it before butchering.

    Are you aware that this is a limited drawing permit hunt? The odds of winning, depending on the specific permit you apply for, are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-15%. It is by no means a sure thing.

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    Thanks for the info Brian. I am aware that it is a draw hunt; just day dreaming about it. I live on the east side of Anchorage and saw on the permit area map that the west boundary of the area is pretty much right in my backyard, hence my questions about checking in and out. I have read on here that people access the area from Muldoon. I guess they drive over and check in and then drive back to their access point?

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    I drew this permit around 99 or 2000. It is very easy to deal with the folks on Ft Rich. You take a short class before the hunt starts and they explain everything to you, signing in (yes you must every day and sign out i believe) How to label your arrows and what to do when you do take an animal. I just carried my cell and called the front gate (this was pre 9-11) They sent out 2 mp's on 4 wheelers. they inspected my kill help me harvest a bit and I sent those boys home with some fresh back straps for the BBQ. They were very very helpfull and I had no issues with any of it. Most of the time they are helpful in letting you know where and what has been seen in certian area's and all.
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    Default signing in

    Ft Rich is split by the Glenn Hwy, the south portion has no guarded gate, the north does. If you hunt the south section you can sign in/out daily over the phone. If you hunt the north section you have to go thru the gate with all your paperwork each day. You can begin butchering as soon as you contact the base biologist via phone and punch your tag. This year they did not require a proficiency shoot, changes year to year. For archery, if you win a tag, you have to have both the archery cert plus the basic hunter education cert, does not matter what state they came from but you have to have both.


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