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Thread: Boating cordova?

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    Default Boating cordova?

    I was wondering what a 16 foot lund could handle around the cordova area. Are there enough protected waters to enjoy winter deer hunting? Or would I need something more oceanworthy?

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    i would say yes if you started at Cordova and used alot of common sense and caution. you could get to parts of hinchenbrook (sp) and hawkins islands but still would be very dependent on weather with that small of a boat. i would be sure to have a marine VHF radio.
    i have only been there twice ( to refuel on same goat hunt) took my 22ft c-dory there many years ago from Whittier it was august - early sept.....spent couple extra days at knight island on way back due to really unfriendly water
    another time when i flew into Cordova and spent 3 days. they had 120mph wind in small boat harbor.....would not be a good day for your boat then. or any others

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    Default Cordova water

    There are several people in Cordova that go out in small skiffs in the summer and autum. I'm not sure about going out in late November or December. There are a lot of days I wouldn't go out because it wouldn't be safe and there are days that I wouldn't go out because it just looks to cold and wet. We get a lot of rain in November and December and I can't imagine going out in a 16 foot skiff without a cabin. Maybe I am just getting old and soft.

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    Default Lunds Cordova

    I have run in and around Cordova allot, and around the sound with 16ft or 18ft Lunds, that is what I have, as stated above you better be ready for all kinds of weather and sea changes, most of the time my friends think I am stupid but this is what I do. Most of the time it's safe but you must be prepared to hold up for days at a time if you run far and there is that possibly of weather change, I have been caught oh so many times with high seas standing the boat at times almost straight up or flipping it over, sounds like BS, I tell you it was very sobering, for me. Need/should have a GPS, a must and a back up and know how to use them. Radio for weather, over night gear/food for days plenty of fuel. I think it was mid Sept in 2000 we had to hold up for 5 days out in Bear Trap Bay . 18ft/16ft Lunds work great with mild chop 2 to 3ft waves anything over that has my attention to the maxx, need to run with several boats and watch the mouth of all bays you cross, waves will come at you sometimes in several directions slamming the boat in heavy weather. 18/16ft lund works well but plan for everything if going very far. I live to fish and explore in and around PWS out of Cordova nothing better. I am not an export on PWS just a nut that loves adventure in in the sound.

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    What about just goint to hawkins on the cordova side? Seems to me that would be fairly safe most of the time. But I could be wrong.

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    Default Going to Hawkins Island

    Going to Hawkins is fairly safe, it's all on weather and planning, wind,wave heights and tides are a real danger at times for small boats, many times I have seen boats stuck out at Simpson Bay not able to get back to Cordova till the water flattened out a bit[ my take hours/days ], in 1996 my partner and I found 2 old gents bobbing in there boat along the shoreline in Sheep's Bay, they had hit a rock taking out the prop- been there almost two day...not in good shape.. Like I said in the early post use good judgement..Hawkins can be done easily. If I go any distance I hook up a 55gal drum of fuel and strap it down in the center of the boat and run fuel line right to my motor. Remember that what was under 20 ft of water my be out of the water or just under the services the next time you run by. Have fun please- let me know how it went. A cup of coffee in hand, running to the islands to hunt or fish to me is the ultimate feeling of freedom of life.


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