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    Default Scent Elimination

    Here's a great link to a scent elimination article I think hunters should read.
    Marc Theiler

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    Last year I read a similar article, but I don't remember where. It was a little more technical, but stated the same things. It said that the carbon would have to be 1/4" thick to actually adsorb human odor as opposed to the microscopic amounts used in today's hunting garmets. It also explained how the silver enhanced products are a more realistic way to control some of the bacteria that produce the odor. I will try to find that article and post a link.

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    Default go figure

    Ive bow hunting for over 20 years, never had a problem getting close, and never used or ever will a scent lock product. The military has been using carbon suits for chemial and biological attacts for years, they come sealed, and if needed can only be used once. Once the seal is broken thats it, the suite is only good for a realitively short time. Once used you had to get another one. Just another gimmic to take your hard earned hunting money.

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    Agreed, play the wind and have lots of patience, thats the most effective way to get close to an animal IMO.

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    I have always joked that if a company marketed it right, baby poop smeared on your face would cause an increase in game, people would do it.

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    Default Baby Poop

    I am knee deep in baby poop.

    Hurry, hurry step right up. First rate, fresh baby poop, get it while supplies last.

    There's actually a class action law suite against the makers of AC clothing.

    Here's a good link for more information on scent control.
    Marc Theiler


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