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Thread: Alliant "Steel" shotgun powder for handguns?

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    Default Alliant "Steel" shotgun powder for handguns?

    I saw a local shop had some Alliant "Steel" powder on sale. This stuff as the name would imply is made for loading magnum shotgun shells with steel shot. The burning rate according to the manufacturer fall somewhere between Blue Dot and 2400 which would be about right for handguns like the .357 and .41 mags.

    Anybody ever trythis powder in a handgun? I've used Blue Dot and some of the other shotgun powders with good sucess but I can't find any info on this stuff. I'm tempted to try some in test barrel and see how it works out.

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    funny thing reloading-you can find a good buy and in hopes imagine the performance without ever using as in your example. Steel is used with some pistols but not the preferred. There is other and better performing powders for a few dollars more, unless you are getting an exceptional deal, I mean cheap.

    Not trying to "dampen" your need to try "steel". let us know your results.


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