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Thread: Rabbits anyone?

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    Default Rabbits anyone?

    Anyone ever hunt small game up north near Cantwell or the Yanert Drainage? I'll be passing through there next week, was wondering if it was worth stopping and going for a walk with my shotgun?

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    Plenty of rabbits from what I have heard and plenty of COLD to go along with them! If you are taking your time heading up it would probably be worth an hour or so. There are several guys on the forum that are from that area and could offer far more than I.

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    from what i herd it was 40 below in fairbanks today. No bunny is worth me getting out of my truck for when its that cold.

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    Default Cantwell

    Rabbits have appeared very abundant that last few years up there. You can sometimes see upwards of 30 rabbits along the rode before the pavement ends on the Denali Hwy in the spring time.

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    Default Dont know about the shotgun but cantwell is a go

    I like hunting there, but shotguns dont really suite me all that well. Ide rather bowhunt them

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    Default recent rabbit

    I saw a really nice rabbit on the side of the road just the other day. Unfortunately it was resting in the talons of a very large eagle........


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    Default Bowhunting

    Bowhunter, where are you hunting that the rabbits will stand still long enough for you to stick them with an arrow? Myt rabbit hunting experience tends to be a white blur through the willows and spruce, throwing the barrel of the shotgun just in front of the blur and pulling the trigger, hoping at least one or two of the #4 pellets makes it through the willows. It's quite fun, but I'd like to take my bow out or my muzzleloader even. Also, what time of day do you hunt them? Any specific techniques you could share?

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    haha they dont stand still for me... or anyone as I can tell. But I will usually jump one and then go VERY slow in its direction making sure I dont follow its track. Dont look them in the eye. I think if they see your eyes they get scared. When you spot one try to keep its head behind a tree or something so it cant tell your looking at it. And most of all its patience!!!

    All those tactics work good on wiley birds also.. Oh and it seems like I have got more rabbits while wearing camo. Im not the first one to notice this either.

    It seems like stomping brush does not work to well for anyone. I like to go reaaaly slow. I can spend a half hour working less than 50 yards, i like to be very thorough in my search.

    But most of all I think I am able to get rabbits and otehr things on a regular basis with my bow is, I hunt a lot. I probably rabbit hunt 60 - 75 times each fall/winter.

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    Thanks bowhunter, I'm impressed. I'll have to give that a try, I've heard that it works to go slow and hunt with your eyes rather than your feet. Have you also found that early morning and late afternoon are more productive times to hunt? I've noticed that I see more right at sunset, of course that's the same with everything but Caribou (which are on their own program anyway). Anyway, thanks for the help, I'm heading out tomorrow, not 100% sure where though....


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