Leica Warranty Changes Are Coming

I just found out that Leica's warranty is going to change on all new release items & on Certified Pre-Owned Sports Optics. Passport Warranty will still be available on current Ultravids and Televids, however, the new HD series Ultravids and, when they arrive, the new Televids will carry a 10 year parts and labor warranty. There will no longer be a Passport Warranty (except on existing product, current Ultravids and Televids and anything that you already own that has Passport coverage).

Now is a great time (before the January 1st price increase) to buy Televids and Ultravids.

The Certified Pre-Owned warranty is also changing. The change is from the current 10 years to a 5 year warranty. Again, if you have a Certified Pre-Owned with a 10 year warranty, it will remain a 10 year warranty. The Certified Pre-Owned Binoculars that we have in stock right now have the 10 year warranty on them and that will remain a 10 year warranty. Any new Certified Pre-Owned that we bring in from Leica will be covered by the 5 year warranty.

Don't jump all over Leica about this. It is going to happen with the other Euro companies too. The devaluation of the dollar is what is making this happen. The price increase in January is no where near the % of the value drop of the US dollar vs the Euro.

For those that are on the fence of buying, now's a great time. Before we run out of the 10 year warranty Certified Pre-Owned and the Passport covered Ultravids and Televids.

Call me for more details.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.