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Thread: Looking for some advise; Spring Black Bear hunt PWS

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    Default Looking for some advise; Spring Black Bear hunt PWS

    I’m trying to plan a spring Black Bear hunt in PWS, I own my own boat a 22’ Sea runner and will launch out of Whittier. I am not looking for anyone’s secret or hot spots just would like to have a general area and time frame to hunt. I have been out of Whittier a few times (fishing trips) but would not consider myself an expert on the area. My main concern is not getting out too early (snow and floating ice) or too late. Thanks

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    Default Follow the other boats.

    there will be plenty of people to follow out there anytime in may. good luck

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    There are bears everywhere out there. Generally speaking, the farther you go, the less competition you will have. Mid-May to early June will likely be the ideal time, but it is somewhat dependant on snow cover.

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    Default ICE!!!!!

    You must mean like this, not a nice sound ice against your hull. Yikes, did not take long to figure out my river boat was no ice breaker LOL. We both agreed that no bear was worth it and hunted in an ice free area. If the wind had come up it could have got ugly.

    Good Luck


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    Default When to go

    Like previous post, May and the first of June, weather history, snow all determine timing. My first black bear was taken on May 6th years ago, and I beleive he had just come out of the Den. A party before us did not see any thing, and we saw around 10 or so bears. Last year I went out just for a boat ride the end of April, and saw no activity. We went out hunting the 17th through 20th of May and saw over 30 bears.
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    Default Thanks for the inputs

    Thanks, for all the inputs


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