Don't know if this is acceptable however being that it deals with Resource Protection of our Bristol Bay Fisheries concerning the Clean Water Act by the Renewable Resources Coalition.

For those in Fairbanks Blue Moose Rafting in conjunction with RRC will be hosting a Live Radio Feed on AM 660 KFAR the Michael Dukes Radio Show at 816 28th Ave Fairbanks on 20 Dec between 2:00 - 6:00PM. For a map of the location please visit go to the store link and a map will be provided.

During the Live Radio feed we will be raffling off a 9ft Fish Cat P.T. inflatable as well as a 4 person 8 hour King Salmon Charter for those who stop in to the shop and pick up information concerning the petition drive for the Ballot Measure for the Clean Water Act.

Just thought I would pass it along.

I Suppose it would make a good xmas present to win the trip and or the 9ft fish cat.