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Thread: '01 Rmk 700

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    Cool '01 Rmk 700

    just bought a used '01 RMK 700, 144... almost 2k miles... it appars to be in great shape and mostly trail ridden.

    anyone know of any common problems for these sleds? just wondering if I should be looking for any particular problems in the near future.... This is my first snowmachine so it will definately be a learning experience, although I've owned dirt bikes in the past and am not afraid of tinkering...

    also, does running premium fuel really make that much difference?


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    i used to have one and it ran great ! no problems at all but it did catch on fire and burn up, but it had 3500 miles on it. when it caught on fire it was about 40 degrees and sticky snow. I had been riding hard when i flipped it and i heard a pop and it was gone. other than that was a great sled . i always just use regular in any of my sleds never had a single problem .

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    I've got the same sled with 4,400 miles on it. A lot of those miles were at WOT and I've had no problems with the motor. Once I got it jetted right it has purred ever since. Had some problems with carb icing around 5 degrees, saggy springs, get rid of the front stock shocks if you have them. Ate a belt or two. But overall I think it is the best sled for it's era.

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    Default #1 problem

    it's a polaris , ha ha ha...... couldn't resist....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jockomontana View Post
    does running premium fuel really make that much difference?
    The only difference between the octane in fuel is when it auto-detonates without spark. Unless you change the compression of your motor, then save your money and run regular. Just my two cents...

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    I had one of those. Great sled. Sometimes I wish I still had it. I think I broke something in the rear suspension, forget what though.

    I had a set of 136" rails and put on a 1" track and geared it up for running the rivers and swamps around here. Swapped it back for spring riding.

    I know I tried the premium and never noticed much of a differance. I think I ran regular all the time on the regular setting.


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