Ok, so here I am with no photos to share, what does that tell you? We got skunked on the blacktails. In truth, we only saw one buck way up high on the first day. We did some major hiking trying to stay on some deer trails but were forced to blaze our own in certain areas. Very tough going in spots. My hunting partner managed to take a shot at one buck but either he missed completly or the bullet was deflected along the way. On the way back down we began to lose daylight pretty quick and ended up picking our way through thick brush and avoiding drop offs in the dark. Needless to say, we were not too thrilled about our first day out. Not much bear sign in the area but plenty of deer activity, again all up high. Snow was not to be found on the highest peaks of our trip so the deer were free to do as they pleased. the cabin was decent and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to fish or hunt in the Sitka area. Learned a few lessons on this trip and will make adjustments next year. Hope you all had better success. Happy Holidays and happy hunting.