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Thread: Transporter, Anchorage to 20a?

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    Default Transporter, Anchorage to 20a?

    Are there transporters that can take me from anchorage directly into 20a or is that to far away?

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    I'm sure someone out there would do it but it would be costly. I would drive to Fairbanks and have Wright Air take you in, they are first rate all the way!

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    Default yep

    that or Ak air to Fairbanks then wrights would still be cheaper.

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    If coming from out of state, it might be cheaper/easier/faster to fly commercial to Fairbanks.

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    Likely that is what I will do - fly to Fairbanks, if there was a way to get there from Anchorage I save about $400 RT vs. flying to Fairbanks, plus one less "leg" to worry about - and save time.

    Did not think so but figured I would check. Wright air is likely who I am going to go with. Anyone have any experiance with booking with them after the spring draw? I am putting in for 20a bou and if I draw would need a flight.

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    You could probably book with them and if you don't draw have them take you to another spot where it is open or registration hunting for caribou, like the 40 Mile. If you don't draw and decide to cancel you might lose your deposit, i'd call and talk with them about it, they are very friendly and always go the extra mile to help out their customers.

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    You could also check with the Alaska railroad and see if they will be traveling from anc to fbk when you are wanting to go. They will be alot cheaper then flying.

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    Thats a great idea akcowgirl plus he'll get to see some spectacluar country as well.

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    RR will have to check schedule, that is a great idea, might take more time BUT would love to see some more of AK

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    Default just my thoughts

    If you are going to hunt with Wright air, then you need to contact them asap, as they may already be full for next fall, I hunted with them 3 years ago and shot a bull opening day, took 4 days to get all of him back to camp, called after my last load and they picked me up within a couple of hours!!! His flying abilities were amazing to say the least, and he even gave me a ride to the local butcher. Good luck getting a bou tag for 20A, not a very high percentage, but the moose hunting is great and can't wait to go again.

    Good Luck



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