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Thread: S&W 329 odd problem

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    Default S&W 329 odd problem

    I picked up a used S&W 329 a while back that appeared to be unfired judging from the absence of power stains on the cylinder and frame.

    I had shot it perhaps at box or so with light to moderate loads with no problems until somehow the pin that holds in the ejector rod plunger under the barrel lug disappeared. When I went to close the cylinder the plunger had extended too far without the pin to retain it and won't allow the ejector rod to latch in place. I looked for the pin on the ground but couldn't locate it in the dirt and grass. Fortunatley I didn't loose the plunger or spring.

    I've never seen or heard of this problem on any S&W before including a bunch I've owned and shot extensively over the years. Thoughts are that perhaps the hole is oversided allowing the pin to drop out but I haven't got a new pin yet to test that probability.

    Any thoughts or experience on this one?

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    I never had that problem before but I thought you were going to say that the extractor rod unscrewed under recoil and locked up the gun. That is a common problem with S&W if you don't screw the ejector rod tight enough. But this problem you mention is something different and I wonder if the scandium material is to blame or maybe the pin is undersized. Due to the color of the titanium cylinder, you should not judge whether the gun has been fired by looking for powder stains. It probably has been fired and the previous owner probably sold it for the reason you just discovered. S&W will should behind it with their lifetime warranty policy.


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