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Thread: Marten coaxing

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    Question Marten coaxing

    So far I have had OK luck with Marten... 4 so far...

    But, when checking one of my 120's today, I had a Marten tracks tromp by within 8 feet and not even think about my lure or bait...

    My questions are...
    How much lure or bait do you use?
    How generous should one be with the bait/lure?
    Do you spread it around so to speak? (Meaning do you mark trees around the trap and how far out from trap if you do mark the area?)
    Should there be something ground level to stop 'em when doing a tree set?
    Last question...
    What works better in the colder temps for bait?
    Thanks for any info...

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    I like beaver meat when I can get it. Grouse carcase use to work good for me when I trapped up north. My baits are about the size of my fist. I like Sable Oil for a lure. I put my lure in the back of my trap box and relure the set about once a week. Some marten don't like to climb trees. In parts of Alaska, trappers only set ground cubbies due to the reluctance of the marten in their area to climb. I haven't ever had this problem though. Depending on the area you trap and distance you travel, 4 marten isn't a bad start. I wouldn't worry too much unless you start seeing this happen a bunch. Keep luring up you sets and have fun.


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