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Thread: Darkhouse Spearing

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    Default Darkhouse Spearing

    Was wondering if there are any other darkhouse spearers on this site. I recently moved here from Montana, so I am still learning the good locations, but I would be more than happy to trade tips and advice with anyone who wants to.

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    Haven't spear fished through the ice in years but it is a very fun way to harvest pike.

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    Default spearing

    I did it 6-7 years ago on a lake near Delta(Volkmar Lake ). It was great fun, but allot like work. The ice was 40'' thick. You need a log bar on your chain saw and an auger, ice tongs, decoy ect.. I drug a portable dark house 35 miles in behind snowmachine and then winter camped. You need at least 4-5 days to make it worth while. We got some nice pike 10-14 lbers. And saw a really big one. But yea I missed, it got away. water visibility was great as long as you had day lite.


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