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    Hi guy I am hoping you can help me out again. This time I have a female friend who is looking for a good way to carry her Baby Eagle in the backcountry. She has looked in to some of the standard option but she is somewhat short and women in general have a shorter torso then men so a draw right off the hip is a little awkward. I am hoping that one of you has a wife or girl friend that pack a pistol and might have some good ides. Thanks

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    My daughter used to compeat in some of the action pistol stuff with draws from the holster. She prefered a canted holster worn crossdraw on her waist so the grip pointed more or less at her hand. She was fast with it and liked the way it rode.

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    I believe Blade Tech still makes an offset and drop holster. It works especially well with women and the pistol will ride lower and a little farther out from the belt than a conventional hip holster. My wife has one and loves it. It is also a plus with gloves as it is a tad farther out from the belt line.


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