In my web meanderings I discovered several places with the Osprey Crescent 110 on sale, to include Backcountry Gear ($279). It turns out Osprey will be doing away with the entire Crescent lineup this spring and replacing it with a new Argon line of packs. The only beta on the subject I found was through OutdoorsMagic. Looks like they've cut about 3/4# and added some features, though if those colors will be the same as the production line, looks like they won't be alpine friendly. Osprey seems to have a "nice" color in all the other models in smaller sizes (I like those Green and Sand colors of the new Kestrel) but don't for there largest expedition packs, I wonder if there is a reason.

I can't comment as to the Osprey's fit, but I know several on this forum use them for backpack hunting. Looking for a great buy on a good internal, now would be a good time to snag a Crescent.

Always something new in the world of gear...