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Thread: Hodgdon Powder, New Triple Seven Magnums

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    Default Hodgdon Powder, New Triple Seven Magnums

    Anyone using these. Thinking about getting the Winchester Apex and using these if they are made for the .45 cal. Seems easy and fast. Supposedly 2000fps. Just wondering and trying to figure out if I want to spend the money. Would be new to the ML scene. Thanks

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    Are they pellets? I can't tell without going digging for more info. I've had rotten luck with any pellets after the box has been open awhile. Ignition can get really tough and eratic. There's also the problem that a lot of guns will get their best accuracy at charges in between what are possible in pellet combos.

    On the broader question, the folks I know who use Triple Seven are thrilled with it. Velocities are very good, and it is definitely cleaner than Pyrodex or real black powder, provided you get a good seal in the bore with a tight fitting projectile. If a patch is loose (using round balls) or a sabot doesn't seal well, it's as bad or worse than the others for bore fouling.

    My principal shooting partner (we shoot together 4 or 5 times a month year around) uses it in 54, 50 36 and 32 caliber (all the 3f version) with great success, with RB and with all-lead conicals and a lubed felt wad under them. It varies a lot moving from one brand of sabot to another, however. He can shoot over 20 rounds through his 32 cal without swabbing when using a tight patch. He tried a thinner patch for easier loading and managed three shots before the bore and breech were so fouled he couldn't get his gun to fire, even after popping four caps on the same charge.

    I've got a jug and box of pellets and have played with it a little, but I inherited so much Pyrodex out of a friend's estate that I'm not going to get serious about trying it till I use up a bunch more of the Pyrodex.

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    Buy the savage muzzleloader. Shoot smokless powder at 2300 fps and you dont have to clean it all the time.

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    Default I'll stick with granular Triple 7

    Just from the little I've read on Triple 7 Magnum pellets, I don't see much need for it for my style of hunting. Maybe if you were going to push the range of your muzzleloader and shoot 200 yards (or something like that) the higher velocities may give you a bit of an advantage. But at $24 / box of 50 pellets (Cabela's list price), that seems incredibly expensive to me. Given that it recommends 2 pellets per load, that's $1 per shot. I'll admit it, I'm cheap. I don't pay that much for my muzzleloader bullets, so I won't pay it for powder. Please don't confuse that with thinking I'm shooting a sub-par bullet / powder combination - far from it. My other reason for not liking pellets in general is you can not fine tune your charge (e.g. 95 grains of pellets is tough to do). I'd prefer to have better accuracy over a few extra fps in my muzzleloaders, so I like to fine tune the main charges.

    I've had great luck with accuracy in my Omega and my flintlock with regular Triple 7 granular powder. I've tried Pyrodex granular powder in both guns and don't like it nearly as much, especially in the flintlock where I've had problems with ignition (the pan doesn't produce a hot enough charge to ignite the Pyrodex main charge). Triple 7 has a high ignition temperature as well, but I've not had the problems that I have with Pyrodex.

    I'm happy with Triple 7 granular powder and will stick with that. I have heard guys say the early versions of the Triple 7 pellets had problems with igniting when the box was open for awhile, but I think they have fixed that problem with more recent batches.



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