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Thread: Peninsula Bear Hunts spring 2008

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    I talked with Mike at Ram Aviation ( a couple of days ago and he said he was going to run some spring bear hunters in Unit 9d or 9e in the spring of 2008 down around cold bay. He previously has flown for a guide down there and is doing this on his own but in the same area as the guide was working. I'm thinking about going there with my son who is a resident of Alaska. Does anyone have experience in that area? Mike said the weather is the biggest factor and that you need to plan on an extra 3 - 4 days just in case. He said the bears range from 8.5 - 10.5 and 9 or there abouts is normal. He is planning on $3500 - $4000 per person. That's a far cry from $15,000 guides are getting. Any feed back would be appreciated. We are booked with him again this fall for Caribou out of Kotzebue which they've done a great job in the past and expect the bear hunt to be just as good. I heard the guide is quite hacked that he is taking people into the area but the guide is trying to do all the flying on his own so Mike is making up the difference with a few drop off bear hunters. Let me know.

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    You might want to be on the pacific side; not the Bearing sea side.

    Definitely Brown Bear country; weather is less of an issue in the spring than fall but still IS a factor.

    Last spring was still little bit like winter.

    So, Ram air is an Air Taxi and a transporter or just a guide doing drop hunts?

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    Don't blame the guide for being 'hacked'- sounds pretty chicken**** to me.

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    Default Ram Aviation

    Ram Aviation is a transporter not a guide. I guess the guides should stick with guiding and leave the flying to the transporters and then they might not clash if both of them get work.

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    and people wonder why guides get their hackels up, i'll fly for you, then i'll go out on my own and drop hunters in the same places i took your clients, thanks for helping me get my business of the ground. (translation...stab in the back)

    Average around 9 foot is the first load of hooey, guided hunters were probably averaging around 9 foot, but the bears don't average around 9 foot at all, 8-8.5 is till gonna be the average bear you'll see, weather is always an issue, do plan extra days, and extra food for those days. And be prepared to not be alone, if this guys is telling you he's using the same area as the guide he flew for, the guide will still be around as will other resident hunters and other guides. Anywhere around cold bay is gonna be busy, i don't think i've ever done a hunt down there without some sort of neighbors/compitition right next to me. there are bears there though, thats for sure.
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    Smile Hunt pressure

    I doubt if the guide made Ram Aviations business since Ram has been doing this for over 20 years but who knows. Mike did say he wouldn't drop us off on top of people but he couldn't gurantee that someone else wouldn't drop one on us. He also said he doesn't use established places that guides normally use year to year. He said there are a lot of people down there hunting but the bear population is good. He said the guides usually have a higher success rate because they have a plane in camp and spike out from there plus have years of experience guiding where the drop off guy this might be his first year there. On a drop hunt your stuck with your feet and realistically 50% to maybe 60% success rate if things are just right and your lucky. Conflicts between guides and transporters are apparent and both sides say their right. I'm not sure there is an easy answer but if the guides just guided and used the transporters for the flying they would probably keep the number of hunters down. The nice thing about transporters are that they are making it possible for the Alaskan resident to get into these places to hunt "their own" animals without having to pay a guide $16,000. 75% off a guided price seems more than reasonable to me.

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    Default So he is charging you $3000 to $4000 per person?

    How far out is he gonna fly you? If that is the case, it seems like a rip off man. Give us more details. We paid $1200 per person for our drop off brownie hunt this past fall. Paid for 4 hours flying time. That was in a beaver on floats from King Salmon. But like I said give us more details so we can help you find out if it is a good deal or not. From what I seen in my bay is that there was a lot of young bears. Atleast one monster but still only about 8.5' judging by the track. We ended up shooting to nice 7'ers. I talked a bunch of people who had been down there hunting. Only heard of one boar. We took sows, a guy on the plane took a sow, another lady I know took a 7' sow. Heard a lot of guides in the air port and most clients took sows. Not sure why it was a sow year. I am thinking maybe the last time it was open the boars got hit hard? So basically you could easily see smaller bears. Seems like you could see a lot of competition. It seems like the success rates you expect are low. From the people who have hunted in my bay, know of 6 total hunters and 7 bears of have been shot. Biggest was around 9 or so maybe 10'. Oh and take sun screen!!

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    Been told by guides that they do get bigger the farther south you go, but on the flipside the airfare gets steeper too. Most guys stay NE of wide bay because of the ease of access from KS and Kodiak and thats why so many young bears are taken. Theres the tuff to land issue and the native land issue as you get farther SW but there are some dman big bears down there. Had a guide give me some info on where to go for big bears and the price was about $2500-$3,000 (per person) to get there and back from KS so his price is about right. Just not many residents that will pay that much for a bear hunt and on top of that you have to get you and your stuff to the region too which isn't free/cheap. You get what you pay for! Oh and dont let anyojne fool you on weather we had sunny blue skies and 70mph winds during the spring. Some of the winds are created purely by topography regardless of the weather systems.


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