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Thread: Maxweld or Armstrong cat

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    Default Maxweld or Armstrong cat

    who makes a better and more efficient alloy catamaran

    Armstrong or Maxweld


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    I believe that Maxwelds I've seen for sale around $325 Armstrong for Under $200K. So you can buy a lot of fuel for $100k and fuel efficeincy shouldn't be a concern if you can afford a boat like that. Of course I wouldn't beach a boat that big so Aluminum isn't necessary. I'm partial to Blackfeather boats which are composite and get awesome fuel economy like 4mpg and top out at near 60mph. Made in AK and can be had for $150K new. A used Baha king Cat with diesels and flybridge can be had for $70K as well look at and seek catamarans (you'll find all these boats for sale there as well).


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    Default Maxweld or Armstrong

    I think the Armstrong is the better of the metal cats. I have seen several of both The Maxwelds seem to burn more fuel and are real hard on out drives. The Armstrong's are more of a commerical built type boat.

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    Thumbs up Armstrong

    I vote Armstrong. I have known Josh Armstrong for many years and he builds a fantastic boat.

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    Default Local builders

    Have you checked out any of the local builders?
    I know Sea State One, Glacier Craft and I think Anderson marine build cats.


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