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Thread: Kodiak Gear Help!!!

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    Default Kodiak Gear Help!!!

    I'm heading up to hit Kodiak's road system at the end of July next summer. My wife's looking to buy me a new rod & reel for Christmas (approximately $200 total). What should I have her get me? Also, what pound test should I put on the reel?

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    Default Spinning or Fly

    During that time frame you will be fishing for Red's in Pasagshak or Saltery. Pinks will be just showing in the Buskin.

    Spinning rods are a great all around rod for Kodiak. I would out fit it with 10 pound premium line. I personally like a good 7' medium action rod that allows me to cast great distances for the pinks and at the same time you can flip fly's for reds. Rods go with maybe a Lamiglas, Fenwick, Shimano for around 100-120. Reels I would go with a (high end) Okuma, Shimano, Quantum.

    Fly rods it would be pretty tough to get into a good rig for 200.00 so if that's what your looking for so some shopping around. Rods you can beat a GLoomis or Sage with a good Ross reel.

    Good luck and happy fishing.

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    I would also add that fishing for dollies of the beaches can be fantastic that time of year as well. Add a spare spool with 6-8 lb test to Shawn's recommendations and you ought to be good to go.


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