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Thread: New Book: Hunting the Hunters

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    Default New Book: Hunting the Hunters

    We just added a book to the store that is a great read, Hunting the Hunters. This one is written by an Alaska author with extensive experience hunting predators.

    Here's the information from the product info page:

    From the back cover: The most intense, yet informative book ever written on predator hunting - with gripping stories of survival in Alaska's frozen Arctic while pursuing North America's most valuable predators!
    Three beautifully furred winter wolves taken after nearly two days of intense tracking. Scenery in the high country can be exhilarating on sunny Alaskan spring days.
    An incredible harvest of prime red fox taken in a single day of hunting. Using both calling and spot-and-stalk techniques, the Author was able to take two silver fox, eight cross fox and four red fox during this action-packed outing!
    Rick Kinmon's adventures of fur hunting are as real they get. Join Rick as he pursues wolves at (literally) breakneck speed through some of the most rugged terrain in Alaska, making long-range, running shots on the ultimate canine. Experience dozens of his harvests of fox, coyote, wolverine, lynx and bear - many at point-blank range. You will learn his professional tips so you, too, can be incredible successful at Hunting the Hunters.

    Table of Contents
    Foreword by Leo Schreven
    About this Book

    Part I - The Details

    1 - Fox Hunting as a Kid
    2 - Why Every Hunter Should Hunt Predators
    3 - Top Tips for Successful Predator Hunting
    4 - Varmint, Predator, or Fur Hunting
    5 - The Perfect Fur Rifle
    6 - Cold Weather Clothing
    7 - Shooting Under Field Conditions
    8 - General Thoughts on Calling
    9 - The Animals We Hunt
    10 - Wolf Hunting

    Part II - The Action
    11 - Crash and Burn
    12 - Long Walk Out
    13 - Spring Brown Bear
    14 - Brown Bears of Admiralty Island
    15 - Black Bear in Your Face
    16 - Crash on Whistle Ridge
    17 - Cold Night Out
    18 - Fair Chase Wolverine
    19 - Unexpected Trophies
    20 - Keith Appel

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    finished reading it today. Found it at the BX on eielson. Not bad. Stories in the end were good.

    The rifle section is all 6mm ppc so if you aint into one, dont read it . J/k.

    Actually it was done pretty well. Some good tips and things the average fur joe may not think of off the bat

    Going to go back and reread the first section. Not super detailed in any one thing, but goes over things well.

    Just my thoughts. Worth the buy, good tips and great storys at the end.

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    Thumbs up

    I enjoyed the book.. mainly talks about wolf hunting ect... Some good info in it I will read it again...

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    Default Book Review

    Good and an easy read, as well as full of some good information. Read it on the plane last week recomend it.

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    Finished this up a few days ago. The author certainly has been around the state predator hunting. Pretty tough to hunt wolves the way mentioned in the book in many areas of the state though. I would have liked to have seen more information regarding setting up for calling in wooded areas or thicker timbered/swamp areas. If you don't have a snowmachine, it sounds pretty dismal after reading it.

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    I agree with snowcamoman... The stories were good, but there wasn't any real detailed information regarding making sets and technique. The guy really knows his stuff, but it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to give away any secrets.

    Good book though overall.

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    Thumbs up

    Very well written book and an easy read!

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    Cool Great book - but...

    I agree, it was a good book, well written and interesting. I went to a meeting / seminar at the Loussac library a couple of weeks ago - the author was the main speaker. He said in the seminar, and if I recall, also implies a few places in the book that he's 'telling all' now 'you'll know everything I know' kind of thing, which isn't delivered in the book. It leaves you asking a lot of questions. For example, as mentioned above, details on woodland sets, more specifics on the how-to's of calling, etc.

    Overall a great book, which has inspired me to try (again) predator hunting, but leaves me looking for more resources to answer a lot of my questions...

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    If it does nothing else it will get you excited about getting out doing some fur hunting! I read it on a plane to kalifornia, needless to say I got some weird look...

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    Smile Excellent book

    A must read for Alaska predator hunters. I learned a lot from the book. Rick puts ballistics and trajectory for shooting at moving animals in simple terms. He writes about how, when, where, and why to hunt predators. He candidly relates his own stories and experiences, as well as adding many good pictures throughout the text. I highly recommend it.

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    Default Fantastic

    Great book. Loved every bit of it. Gets the blood pumping, hard. I think Rick has a very healthy view of animals, especially predators. He understands the balance between predator and pray. He also understands our, human, place in the grand scheme of things. Nice easy read, easily finished in a day. But I have read it several times and still love it. I will be looking for more books from Rick Kinmon and others like it.

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    Man I see this book all over is it really a good book to read everywhere I look well I look in all the hunter places but it is there ?

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    Default Great so far !

    I am still reading it and the author Rick Kinmon is my best friends Grandfather so I got it signed.
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