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Thread: Federal Land maps

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    Default Federal Land maps

    Throwing this link in the hunting section since I have often been nervous planning a hunt as to who owns what when it comes to Fed land. I found this link to a map of all fed land in AK. It is not nearly as clear as I would like but it is the best I have found. If anyone has a better map please enlighten me.

    Just scroll to AK then download the 10MB Adobe map.

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    That map is just plain bad. Resolution isn't good enough to determine what is federal land, state land, or private land.

    If you decide on an area that you would like to know the status of, we should be able to help you here, or direct you to someone who can. Short of that, I'd contact the Bureau of Land Management or the State of Alaska.

    Send me a PM if you would like.

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    Here is a better 'general' source for finding land status in Alaska. These maps will give you a good overview of an area of interest and from there you can find more detailed sources if needed.

    Go to this DNR web site to download general land status maps:

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    Default Geomac

    I use the wildfire mapping function on the website at GEOMAC ( This was developed for firefighting but shows roads, land ownership by owner type (BLM, forest service, private, state, and others), water, etc. Not a topo unfortunately, but it does have shaded relief for elevation.

    You can zoom in pretty close for good resolution.

    I use it also to see the age and boundaries of burns--where I live, burns are important habitat for wildlife forage.

    This covers AK and the lower 48. There is a link on the site to AK in the upper right. PM me if you have questions on how to get around their site.


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