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Thread: kimber 84m varmint 22-250

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    Default kimber 84m varmint 22-250

    anyone have one? How does it shoot? what kind of loads?
    Posting this here and on the predator board....hopefully someone here will see it that owns it.

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    I have an 8400 Montana in a .300 mag. The Kimber is a great rifle, but there quality control isn't always great. I think I've heard the term Kimber Roulette before. Mine wouldn't feed right and had a cracked stock. To their credit, they fixed both and now I have my favorite rifle. With handloads, it can easily shoot 1/4 inch groups from a bench, assuming you give the gun time to cool between shots.

    If you are able to, try to actually inspect the gun before you buy it. Try to let the store allow you to cycle some rounds through the action. Before I bought mine, I had heard that poor feeding was a common problem, but unfortunately, the store wouldn't let me cycle any rounds to check feeding. Mine fed just fine with one or two in the magazine, but with three or more, they would hang up and fail to feed. Again, I sent it back and it feeds just fine now.

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    Default 8400m

    I had the same problem as WIsam.
    But I also had a problem with ejecting spent cases.
    I had to send mine back twice, but now the gun shoots great! 1/4 @ 100 yards is the norm. Mine is a .308 and I shoot 168 grn black hills ammo.

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    Wife has an 84M in 7mm-08 and loves it. The only issue I see with it is sometimes it feeds a little rough and scratches the casings but other than that, it shoots good. The stock is a real nice piece of wood too, wish I could find one like that for my model 70.

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    unfortunatly my family wont be able to look at this rifle before I go and buy it if I do so.

    He's heading home today from college and the guy who has it is heading to the dakotas for some deer hunting, ugg.

    That means no one will see it till Jan, or I'll just go ahead and buy it.

    Thanks for the replys. It's nice to know they'll warrenty their work, for a price, (shipping).

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    Default Kimber Mo 84

    I have a Kimber Mo 84 in 7mm-08. It gave me feeding problems right outta the box. But I got on the phone with I think the western sales manager for Kimber and pitched a fit. He had me send the rifle in on his dime. Now I have a really great rifle. That's it in my photo

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    wow I was jealous of the kimber owners but this thread has made me fall just a little deeper in love with my browning A-bolt II. It is a little tight out of the box but now it's like butter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuJon View Post
    wow I was jealous of the kimber owners but this thread has made me fall just a little deeper in love with my browning A-bolt II. It is a little tight out of the box but now it's like butter.
    Well it sounds at least like they have pretty good customer service. Maybe with all of these with feed problems they will look harder at that issue before they leave the factory???

    They sure are pretty rifles.

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    the one thing I wonder is if this is acrossed the board? I havent heard this issue with the varmints yet. The fella who owns it is out deer hunting in the dakota's, I'll keep ya postd on it.

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    I have owned a total of 8 Kimber rifles. Kimbers can be hit and miss for quality. I really think they have improved. All except one Montana chambered in 243 Winchester were good shooting and handling rifles. No way around it that was a 2-3" moa POS even with my handloads (totally unacceptable) and it fed terribly. I dxed it cuz I was not about to spend $ to polish a turd. From what I know the 308 bolt faced Kimbers are the ones subject to feeding problems, which your potential 22-250 is one of. (Reference my reply on the ODD Predator forum to my experience with the Kimber in 22-250). I owned the Pro Varmint version and not the Varmint; I have heard nothing but good things regarding either. I would still check it out carefully if I was you. I believe Kimbers can be excellent value for your money. If you looking for a light weight rig the Montanas really shine especially in the WSMs and I have or have had all 4. Althought the long action 8400s in 300 win mag and 270 win I owned were excellent rifles the ergos just didn't do it for me. Long story short I'm about out of the Kimber business and keep going back to my 700s, although I'm still playing with the 325 WSM Montana, which is one of the best Kimbers I've had. Just my experience your results may vary. Timber out.

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