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Thread: Spring Bear-Zachar River

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    Default Spring Bear-Zachar River

    I drew a tag for Zachar Bay for Spring 2008. My plan is to hunt first 10 days in May. Any advice? Thanks

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    hunt high, hunt long and hunt far. look at the beach first...just in case then look at the top 1/3rd of the mountians.
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    keep yer posterior planted in one place to glass...same place each day every day ALL DAY. Don't scent up your area - and take the very best raingear you can buy.

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    Good advice so far and to piggyback on that info, you can bet there are some BIG bears in there. I hunted Zachar Bay for goats a couple of years ago and we saw a GIGANTIC brown bear about 1/4 mile from our camp but he wasn't interested in us. We were there for a week and saw a total of 5, including a sow and 2 cubs at close range. Thats a beautiful area and if your patient you should do well.

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    Default Spring Bear

    Bring snow shoes. If you can, start your hunt around the 24th of April till the 5/6th of May. Usually they start to push out around then and after that they have a good chance of being rubbed.

    Just like the guys stated earlier get a good vantage point looking over a drainage and look for push outs or tracks in the snow keeping your movement to a minimum. It's amazing that one day you will go to bed and wake up the next day to see fresh tracks on the side hills. During the spring I've noticed most the bears are on the move in the late afternoon until past dark. 1530 or 1600 seems to be the magical time. During the day just look for dark area's in the snow, even large bears become small when they are napping. If you see something that looks out of place just keep coming back to it and see if it moves.

    Good luck and just be patent.

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    Default Snowshoes

    Get information on the area you are going to hunt. I have always seen the recommendation on this site to take snowshoes so I took them on my hunt this last spring in Uyak Bay. They were worthless and a total waste of space. The area was to steep to use them. Great hunt, saw about 60 bears, but snowshoes were useless.


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    Default He's right

    Bullwinkle50 is right get all the info you can. For the snow shoes they are like hip boots, if you don't bring them you will sorely miss them if you need them. There is nothing worst than walking 2 miles in waste high snow with only your little brothers to stop you from sinking up to your navel.


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