Unit 1C and all of Unit 4
Biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) in Douglas and Sitka are announcing an early closure to the State of Alaska doe season in Game Management Units 1C and all of Unit 4. The state season for does was scheduled to go through December 31, 2007; however an Emergency Order (01-13-07) was issued to close at 11:59 pm on Friday, December 14, 2007.
The Significant mortality on Sitka black-tailed deer due to the severe winter of 2006-2007 caused concerns for wildlife managers in northern Southeast Alaska. Since late October, when many hunters begin focusing their efforts on pursuing deer, staff from ADF&Gs Division of Wildlife Conservation have received numerous reports from deer hunters about the scarcity of deer throughout the area. These reports along with continued monitoring by ADF&G staff, have given the department a better understanding of the impact of last years severe winter on northern Southeast deer populations. There is concern from ADF&G and hunters alike that deer experienced widespread declines in these areas and additional harvest of the reproductive component of the population would have long-term negative effects.
For this reason, ADF&G staff believe this closure is necessary to prevent unsustainable harvest of female deer that could further jeopardize the recovery of the deer population.
Hunters are reminded that the season for bucks (male deer) under state regulations will continue through December 31, as scheduled. However, with the closure of the doe season, hunters are now required to leave evidence of sex on any male deer they harvest. For more information, please contact the ADF&G office in Douglas (465-4265) or Sitka (747-5449).