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Thread: Question about my jon boat..

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    Default Question about my jon boat..

    Have any of you guys taken the bench seats out of your boats? I was thinking about doing that soon and installing a floor with mounted seats on storage boxes. My question is do the bench seats add any structure to the boat? Any ideas?

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    They do add strength to your boat. That isnt to say you cant remove them. It all depends on how well made your boat is. Id take it to a welding shop that does alot of boat work and get an educated opinion before you start cutting. Maybe they can give you some good advise based on past experience.

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    Default Here is an idea...

    Take your boat to a welding shop and have them cut out the top off the bench seat and put a hinge on it...Problem solved Storage area.

    Most bench seats have flotation under them so that would have to be removed but at least you would still have your original structure on your boat.

    As for floors....

    This sounds funny but my wife built my floor in my flatbottom boat. It works great.

    Take 1/4" plywood and cut to fit your boat floor area. Then take Thompson water sealer and seal one side. Once that dries in a day or two. Purchase a roll-on bed liner kit and roll it on the sides and top of the plywood. Then drop it in your boat and it will last FOREVER!

    It's rugid, slip resistant, flexible in cold weather, oil and fuel resistant too.

    My floor as seen it all: Mud from duck hunting, moose parts, chitna fish, fuel, ect.

    I wash it out every season and it still looks like new.


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