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Thread: 2008 moose hunt ??

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    Default 2008 moose hunt ??

    Wanting to do a drop-camp hunt for moose in 2008. Looking to fly out of one of the following, maybe.....Naknek, Aniak, Dillingham or Galena. Anyone have opinions or other recommendations?

    I Do not want to do a float hunt.


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    Default Kotzebue Moose Hunt

    I am putting in for a drawing out of Kotzebue this year. Mike at Ram Aviation said they were 90% on their drop off moose hunts in 2007. The smallest was 58" and the biggest 68". No floating. They wont do a float trip because he said normally the people float out of the good area. The success rate is higher for the stationary camps. He said three area's are really good and the pressure is low. He's been great to us that's why I support his efforts to make the once in a lifetime hunt happen year after year.

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    For Galena, try Yukon Eagle Air ( I used Brownie for a drop hunt in '06; he will treat you right! Also, I've heard good things about Joe Schuster's outfit, Sportsman's Air Service ( If I'm not mistaken, most of the area around Galena is now a draw and the deadline was December 6.
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