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Thread: Second run reds on the Kenai

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    Question Second run reds on the Kenai

    Anyone know the status of the second run reds oin the Kenai and where they are catching them? This is my favorite time to fish for reds, big fish and usually in big numbers. I know the forecast is suppose to be gloomy but I thought I would ask here and get first hand knowledge.

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    4100 came in on Saturday. Not doing much as of yet.

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    Thanks Casper50.

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    Default Kenai Reds

    13,000+ came in on Saturday. Should be looking good very soon. Here is the link to the fish sonar counts...

    The common thought is it takes 20,000 to be considered fishable. I don't know exactly what that means, but I suppose for a reasonable day of fishing...

    You have probably figured that not only is the forcast dismal, but all of the runs are about 10 days to 2 weeks late. So, should be any time.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the link alaskanfishguides, looks like it is building some, hopefully it will continue to do so. We missed out on some fishing laast year because we didn't check the charts and the run was very late, don't want that to happen agian.

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    Where is the sonar located, is it up stream from all the dip netters? I'm heading down later in the week and plan on hitting it hard..hopefully I will get a few.

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    Default Sonar location

    The sockeye sonar on the Kenai is located at about river mile 20. The boat dipping is below the Warren Ames bridge (river mile 4) to about river mile 1. The shore dipping is mostly right at the mouth and in the salt. Typically it takes anywhere from 1-2 days for the sockeye to make the sonar from the mouth.

    I suspect it should really start picking up most any time.

    Good luck

    BTW: I meant to say that the 13,000 came in on Sunday, not Saturday. Sorry... days are running together....

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    Cool Fishing Report

    I was out this morning at River Mile 42; fishing was slow; I got 3 from a little rush in about 20 minutes but stood out there 3 hours with no fish before the rush. I think these were part of the 13,000 fish counted on Sunday. Count for Monday was 15,500 so it's starting to pickup some. Anybody know why they are predicting a poor return when the early run was so large??


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