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Thread: Where to fish in May?????

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    Default Where to fish in May?????

    I'll be in Alaska the first week in May and was wondering where the best place to go fishing would be. I'm interested in catching kings and/or halibut.

    Thanks in Advance

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    That's a bit early for Kings in the Matsu Valley. I'm not sure if they have started into the Kenia River by then or not. Memorial Day weekend is when several of the streams open to King fishing south of the Kenia. I'm sure someone else knows when the charters start heading out for halibut. Sorry I couldn't tell you that the runs would be hopping then but for salmon its all about timing.

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    Deep Creek (Ninilchik) for both. In early May you can book a halibut/king combo charter. Trolling for saltwater kings is just starting to happen in early May, and halibut should be moving in towards shallow water by then. Definitely either Deep Creek or just south in Homer.

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    Default Need More Info!!!!

    Ok, this state is huge, run timings are extremely when askin for info please include:
    1. When (To the day, early june can suck, late june can be hot)
    2. Where
    3. For how long
    4. What you'd like to catch
    5. Your experience level
    6. What you are willing to spend

    That will get you started on getting some real help. There are some frightfully open folks on this forum but you need to give some details...personally, where I live, (Dillingham) May is normally ice bound til the 20th or later...I could be ice fishing the first, and swingin smolt patterns on the 29th. But if you tighten your info, the info you will receive will be more applicable.

    Good luck and enjoy...

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    Ketchican, Petersburg, POW... Anywhere with lots of feeders.
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    Default "Where?" is the big question...

    I'll second CatchIt's post... we need more info if we're going to make informative suggestions.

    You're not, by chance, coming on a cruise ship, are you? It makes a HUGE difference if you have 6 hours in port or can stay in one place for a day or two (or six!) There are some great charters in Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka that usually produce awesome results in early May. PM me if you want specific names, etc...

    (I don't want to get busted for promoting other forums here, but there are a couple of new, SouthEast specific forums that have cropped up in the last few weeks. I'll save the names/urls for PM-land.)

    If you're asking about "up north"... I'll defer and let someone else answer. I would think Homer and Ninilchik would be hopping by then, but I've never been that far north in May since I'm usually busy on charters here in SE.

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    Default Anchor Point

    I have fished with Vader Charters in May for the past three years. The first time we went out on the 4th of May (early) and caught halibut and feeder kings, 3 of the six of us caught a king and all of us caught 15-20 pound halibut. Later in the month it gets better of course, by the numbers I have seen, the kings peek from the 18th to the 26th of May in that area and the halibut fishing has improved by that time.
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