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Thread: 21D & 24D caribou

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    Default 21D & 24D caribou

    How is the river hunting for caribou in 21D & 24D? I see a NR limit of 5 caribou, does that mean there is a lot or they just do not care about caribou in this area?

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    I see the western artic herd may use that, this area is listed as an "outter range"

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    It would be unlikely you could get a boat up any of those rivers to where there MIGHT be caribou. Your talking about the Nulato Hills, and there are only stragglers roaming around there during fall.
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    MT I figured that by F&G info, but in coversation with guys hunting Koyukuk and other rivers in area many said they saw lots of caribou, they were float hunting for moose.


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