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Thread: DIY Black Bear Hunt on POW Island

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    Question DIY Black Bear Hunt on POW Island

    My friends and I are considering a Do-it-Yourself Black Bear hunt this spring on POW Island. I was wondering if anyone could share some information.

    Dose anyone have info on the current state of the black bear population on POW? Is it what it used to be and is it still worth going to?

    Or should we consider another location in Alaska?

    Can we buy our tags over the counter when we arrive?

    Or should we buy them now? Is there a draw?

    Can anyone recommend 2 or 3 good areas on the Island that will provide us with the best opportunity at mature boars?

    Please indicate which areas we should avoid, i.e. high hunting pressure, poor hunting?

    Can we camp out in the areas you recommend or are there options for lodging?

    Any other information that you may think useful we would also appreciate.

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    Search the past post, there have been quite a few on POW. also read the regs.

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    Default POW blk. bears

    There are several guides in the area that would certainly provide the best hunting experience. check out the list of guides through occupational licensing within the

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    Default POW DIY Bear

    PM sent



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