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    I am looking to order some custom head stamped brass and wanted to know if anyone knows of a good company that makes and sells custom brass. I have a few different wildcats that are based off of the same case and would like a better way of differencing between them other than a different coloring rim of the case with a different colored sharpie marker. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Jameson of Sturgis, SD will make and headstamp custom brass for you. They are rather tied up now with making non custom brass for the U.S. government. They think after the first of the year things will slow down. I have an order in for them to headstamp a couple calibers for me...for about a year now. What case are you stamping?
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    Thanks for the contact. I will contact them after the first of the year. I have a couple built off of the 338 Win Mag / 458 Win Mag case. I will be getting some made for my 30-338 Win Mag, 375-338 (375 Taylor), and my 416 Taylor. I might get some for my 450-348AI.

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