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Thread: Bombshelter vs. Artic Oven

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    Default Bombshelter vs. Artic Oven

    We know about geodesic tents and tipis but there hasn't been all that much talk about these 2 tents. From those who have used them to those who own them, let's hear about your hunting experience relative to these 2 tents and what you consider the pros and cons of each.
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    Default Bomb Shelter

    I think if you look in the archives this has been hashed over several times. Opinions seem to be biased on what is owned. I bought and used a Bomb Shelter this year, loved it.

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    Default Tough call-


    This is an excellent question. I have used the Bombshelter and it's a very good tent. It and the Arctic Oven are the top two tents in this style, in my opinion.

    I would like to try the A/O though. What I like about it is the color. I prefer a lighter colored tent for several reasons:

    1. It's easier to find in low light.

    2. It's easier to see inside. This is a factor if you're weathered in and want to read and such.

    Could be an interesting thread!

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    Default tents

    I've used the Arctic oven "Artika" model for two seasons in the Aleutian Islands and have nothing but good to say about it. It's survived four storms that blew for two to four days of 70-100 mph winds. Stayed dry and sturdy (noisy though). The Artika model is not square, it's hexagon 12'x13", I think that shape may shed the wind better than the square models. I anchor it down with eight 30" screw-in earth anchors.

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    used both BS and AO 10, i prefer the AO the inside material is different, dont' seem to collect any condensation and holds heat better in my experience, set up is basicly the same though. All in all, hard to beat these two tents if you've got the money.
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    Theres the most popular past threads containing info on the Arctic oven/Bombshelter

    We got an arctic oven and love it. Haven't seen the Bombshelter though...

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    Like every thing it bepends on the use,if your going to be wet and cold i'd go with the artic oven,if your going on a summer fishing or sept moose i'd stay with the bomb shelter,winter trips artic oven. weight is also a factor, bomb shelter is lighter then the artic oven.....lots ot consider,,,,,my choice if you can swing it is to have both,,,,

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    My wife took a snowmachine trip for 8 weeks in the winter of 2002 from Nome to Barrow. They used the arctic oven and had no problems.

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    Default arctic oven

    I have the arctic oven 10x10, I've never used the bomb shelter so can't comment on that one. The A/O uses some kind of funky material that takes the moistier from the inside and transfers it to the outside so there's no condensation on the inside walls. The tent is easy to set up and take down and the little woodstove keeps it pretty toasty in there although I think the next size up would be better for below -20 camping, just my opinion. They also come with a lifetime warranty and they also come with options as a got the four season package which has a 1/2 screen in door,window in back, and additional high wind tie outs.


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