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Thread: Compact Spotting Scope Comparison

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    Default Compact Spotting Scope Comparison

    I'm looking at compact spotting scopes to lighten backpacking trips and would appreciate feedback on the following three models, in particular from people who have used one or more of them:

    Brunton Eterna Compact 9050ED-S 18-38X50
    Pentax PF65 ED XF Zoom 20x-60x
    Nikon Fieldscope 13-30x50 ED

    The Pentax isn't as compact as the other two but carries some pretty positive reviews.

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    I've posted lots of stuff about the Pentax PF 65 ED A II in the Optics forum. Personally for me the XF 20-60 zoom does not work very well. Not enough eye releif (15-11mm) and fairly narrow FOV 40-60. I have the William Optics Zoom II and it is fantastic. See it here WO Zoom II 42-60 FOV 20-18mm eye relief. I also have used the Pentax XW14mm (28x) (world class and superb) and the Pentax XF 8.5mm (46x) excellent eyepiece as well.

    In order to get the WO Zoom II to reach full focus there is a $1.00 five minute mod you need to make to the scope. I posted pics and instructions here Pentax Scope Mod

    One big thing the Pentax would give you over the other scopes is the versatility of being able to use the 1.25 astronomical eyepieces, hundreds to choose from. The scope resolves excellent images at 52x, it doesn't seem to tax the scopes abiblity to resolve detail. You also get a 65mm objective lens which will result in brighter views. You can use any of big dog spendy eyepieces if you want to get into digiscoping.

    Tons of good scope info on this Birding sight forum. Spotter forum I have posted extensively there regarding the PF 65 ED A II and the WO Zoom II combo. I am putting together a write up and will post it in the Optics forum at some point. It ends up being a 3lb, $700.00 17-52 power jewel. Perfect images even at 52X. No loss of clarity at all.

    Lots of the guys at Birdforum really like that little Nikon. It could be a good one for the ultimate compact scope.
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