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    Default well

    I'm sure that everyone can't be as lucky as Gorden lightfoot, a 10ft well. What are some of the problems encountered and how did you over come them for a remote or semi remote cabin. How did you put in your well. How deep did you go? How do you power it? How do you deal with the cold? What did you spend? Can you provide pictures of your set up if unique in some way. Thanks to all for contributing!!!

    Man I can't wait until we move!!!!!!!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!
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    Our neighbor has a hand dug well, maybe 10-15 ft to the water. He set an 8 foot culvert on end and left it about 12" above ground. Built his water/utility room over the top, insulated all around it and it works great. He put a pulley above it and has a 'dumb waiter' with shelves that he lowers inside for a refrigerator. Keeps milk and beer just perfect, veggies don't freeze, works real well. He's not had the water tested so only uses it for the sauna. I, personally think it would be all right to drink, however...

    I have another friend with a cabin off Petersville Road that dug a cellar under their cabin and then drove a sandpoint about 30 feet. they bring the water up with a pitcher pump and/or a small electric pump. The pitcher pump is primarily for a 'day tank', the electric is used to fill a large holding tank for bathing, tiolet and laundry.

    good luck.

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    Default Well

    My dad and I hand dug a 24 foot deep well that is 4 feet in diameter. Used 4 foot diameter culvert sections that were 4 feet long and connected the sections together as we went down. Produces ~180 gallons a day in the summer, and a little less in the winter. Water has been tested and is good to drink as well as do dishes, sauna, etc. He uses an electric well pump that is plumbed with 3/4 inch pipe to the top with a garden hose spigot attached. We just make sure to leave the spigot in the open position so the water will drain back and not stay in the pipe. It is covered with a piece of plywood for now, uninsulated, and have never had a problem with freezing.

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    If you want to drive a well, you can rent either an electric or gas powered pipe driver that makes it easier or you can hand drive it as shown in the picture provided by Mr. Lightfoot. If you have to go very far (over 10') save your back for old age (me), and rent a driver...and get a friend to help if possible.

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    Where would someone get info on the rented pipe driver? My daughter and I drove a well a few summers back 30'. One day we got 30" and that was a good day. 100# driver with a tripod and pulley and it still kick our butts...

    Need to get it deeper so am very interested in a driver. Thinking about pumping water down to make a slurry and pressure to move it deeper. If you look at any old cannery docks with pilings in the 40's/50's they just pumped water pressure to the tip of the pile....

    Thanks for a great thread,



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