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    Default Spot Technology

    This is cool stuff. It also comes with LLoyds of London Insurance that will cover the cost of 2 emergency extractions.

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    that is pretty awesome. does not look too tough though. shouldnt be a problem if you keep it in a waterproof bag. cheap and sound good if it actually works.

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    Default Check it Out

    Check it out before you trust your life on it. Here is a good place to check for a review. It looked interesting to me at first, but after looking at the coverage map, maybe not so much.
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    Default Two major flaws

    The SPOT device has two major weaknesses that, in my opinion, render it inadequate for expedition travel in Alaska.

    1. Poor coverage. SPOT uses the Globalstar constellation of satellites, which have poor coverage within the state of Alaska. The same issues of dropped calls, etc. may reasonably be expected with the SPOT device.

    2. One-way communication. Though SPOT allows the user to send messages, it does not allow messages to be received. Why not spend your money on a satellite phone, which allows two-way voice communication? With the satphone you can get help over the phone, which means that you don't have to call for a MEDIVAC for borderline situations. It also means that you could receive life-saving advice from a doctor or EMT over the phone, to be administered before help arrives. The lack of two-way communication ability is a weakness shared by all PLB units. No thanks, I'll spend my money on a satphone!

    A good compromise would be to include GPS / PLB technology in a satellite phone! How about it, Motorola? Can you build a PLB Phone for us?

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    Default Sat Phone

    We did a moose hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula last Sept. For the first time we rented a sat phone. I will never hunt alaska again without one. The place where we rented used Globalstar. We had only 1 dropped call although it was fairly common to have to wait 10 to 20 minutes for satellites to carry your call. I think we will try Iridium next time.

    I really like the idea of 2-way communication better than 1-way.

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    I hope that iridium puts together a 2 way text system for the price of the SPOT. The price and subscription cost is the selling point. I would love a 1K+ sat phone and uber expensive calling plan but in the mean time I will just sweat the $100 a month increase in my family heathcare that the company just dropped on us Merry Christmas! No a 2 way cheap text messaging sat system will do everything I need which is put the wife at ease and give me an added safety margine. For now the SPOT is not that solution.- BTW there are threads on this in both the survival and gear sections.


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