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    Default Swift rifle scopes

    Has anyone had experience with Swift brand rifle scopes? I have been reading that they are supposed to be high quality, and the prices seem pretty good. I am familiar with the regular brands, Leupold, Burris, Nikon et al, but am curious about Swift. The one I am considering is the Premier 2-7 X 40. Thanks

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    Swift scopes are amazingly clear for the lower price you pay for them. I've used a few with no problems and I used to manage a Gun Shop (for 3 years) we sold quite a few of them with no problems ever. If you do have a problem, the retail can actually exchange them over the counter.

    Swift also makes real good quality telescopes. Now...I don't know what the rugged conditions and cold weather of AK will do to em but I think they'd hold up fine.

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    I can't speak for the scopes because I haven't tried them. But I am still using 7x35 binoculars I bought in 1972. They hardly have any finish left on them at all, but they're still going strong. If the scopes give similar performance, buy them now.

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    I have had several, both for rifle as well as pistol. They worked fine but the ones I used did have a little less field of view, and the lenses didn't seem as sharp thru-out the lense surface as say the Nikon or Leopold.

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    Default Swift scopes

    Thanks for the feedback. Think I'll give one a try.


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