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Thread: Partial opening of Denali Nat park in Broad Pass area

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    Default Partial opening of Denali Nat park in Broad Pass area

    This was in my inbox this morning. The park has opened the 1980 addition lands south and west of the Bull River only to snowmachining, the other areas need more snow. This includes the Dunkle Hills area as well as the portion of the park around the end of Petersville Road that are outside the park wilderness boundary.

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    Default Dunkle Hills is open as far as I see.

    "except for the park lands between
    the Bull River and Windy Creek at the north end of Broad Pass" this is from the link you provided.

    Last time the dunkle hills were south of Bull River. Windy Creek they are referring too is basically on the west side of Cantwell.

    Maybe I'm reading it wrong or maybe ur saving some powder for yourself. In that case i"m sorry.

    But thanks for the info. Nice to know.

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    Hey Lanche, if you re-read the post he's saying EVERYTHING S.W. of the bull is open all the way towards petersville....

    AlaskaFlyer331, do you live in the area or work for NPS?


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