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Thread: Alaska Coastal Marine... Kodiak Deer?

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    Default Alaska Coastal Marine... Kodiak Deer?

    Has anybody used these guys for a deer hunt? 4 guys looking to book a deer hunt in Nov. 2008

    Thanks, Larry

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    from what i hear, just like all the other transported hunts, good food, marginal quality on deer, but lots of deer if the herds doing well. deer size averages smaller than guided hunts just to the knowledge of guides on how to hunt deer, they may be dumb, but big ones do act different.
    nice boats and good food, comforts of home. never gone myself but spoken or read of some guys who had.
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    Default AKM

    I second what BRWNBR said. Went with them the week of November 24th 2006. If you work hard you can do quite well. Send me a PM in interested.

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    Default Ak Coastal Marine

    Have not Done the Kodiak hunt personally, but a friend has many times. He rates it very high as far as comfort and good food. The hunting is totally up to you so it can be as good or bad as you make it.

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    Thumbs up I can shed some light.

    First and foremost, it is an uguided hunt. If you sit on your butt and don't hunt the hunting is poor. If you are a good hunter then you have a good chance of scoring big.

    Second, AKMS has their boat on the south end of Kodiak. Other transporters hunt other parts of the island, so that being said, what part of the island do you want to hunt? The South end did not get hit as hard as the North end last winter.

    Third, the boat is one of the most ideal boats for doing this type of a operation. It has many amenities to provide for a very comfortable experience while on the boat. Two guys per stateroom, 3 heads (restrooms), meat locker, covered meat processing area, dining and relaxing area with large TV so you can watch your home videos, etc. There skiffs are Naids, top notch. What you do while out hunting or what the weather does is not in their or any transporters power.

    I have lots of experience with this operation. If you would like anymore info, pm me. I'd be happy to share some info.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks to everyone who replied and PM

    helped alot

    we have booked a hunt for Nov. 08


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    I went with ACM this past November 10th-17th. We had a great time and hunt. The weather had a bunch to do with it I'm sure. If you hunt and pass up a few bucks on your way up high and back away from the beaches you can find some good bucks. Tim and his crew really do a great job, plan on walking everyday to work off the calories you will gain while on the boat. If you have any questions pm me.

    I hope to post some pictures soon of my trip.


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    Do you have a boat booked for nov '08? Me and a buddy are ready to book. Possibly a third guy too. Looking to get on a boat with some bowhunters if possible.

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    It's a touch off topic, but how is this oufit do on their black bear hunts?


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