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    Just picked up an 07 660 Rhino and was wanting to know what most people carry with them in terms of backup parts/equipment, and what kind of fuel mileage you are getting. I am interested in doing the chicken ridge hunt next fall and wanted to start putting together all the stuff I need to safely go back a ways and make it out without too much trouble. I already have the winch and was looking at what folks might have learned from previous Rhino adventures. Thanks!

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    Do you have the multi-mount winch? That will allow you to winch out from the front or rear. That gives you a lot more options than the standard fixed mount winch. I carry a dry box (I got it at Sportsman's Warehouse for $20) under the driver seat. In that box I carry a 30' 10k tow strap, tire plug kit, 12v air compressor, tire bead tool, extra spark plug, extra CVT belt. I added a GPS mount to the dash (removed the warning plate on the dash). I added a folding windshield, hard top, cloth doors, and rear vinyl window...and a Rhinogear heater. Keeps the cab toasty warm all day. I am getting between 90 and 100 miles per tank. The great thing about the Rhino is having the bed to carry extra gear and fuel. I normally carry a cooler with food and drinks and a small compact grill with me. Nothing like grilling a burger or steak on the trail. Your friends will be jealous. I keep it all secured with the Yamaha cargo net.

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