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Thread: 800 four strokes

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    Default 800 four strokes

    Does anyone out there have experience with the skidoo 800 four strokes? Specifically I want to know what are the coldest temps these machines will start at. I live out in the bush near McGrath and I travel often at 20 below with my Tundra. Also, would the Expedition TUV 800 be a good bush machine?

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    My Ski Doo SWT V-800 arrives monday. Once it is here I can give a report on how it starts at the present temps. Have been told by some folks at barrow that they start down to -30. Also told by the salesman at Compou's that they use synthetic 0-05 oil. With oil that thin they should start well. Also they make a heater that goes on the cooling system, similer to the ones in a car.

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    Graybeard- I look forward to your evaluation of the SWT 800. This may very well be my next machine. It's interesting how late it's coming in. The widetracks have always been the first in production and the first shipped as they come from Finland. They used to arrive around August and September.

    As far as the cold weather starting, the old 1000 started down to 20 below but did not like 21 and colder. The 800 is supposed to start down to 40 but have not been around one yet to try. Unless things changed they run a 0w-40 oil. Plenty thin enough for the cold. I would strongly recommend putting the coolant heater on any 4 stroke snowmachine engine. Good insurance.

    The Expedition TUV is a good machine. I really like my 600 but the fuel mileage of the V-800 would be a huge plus. I went with the 600 because the V-1000 wasn't proven yet and I stumbled into this one. I will probably go SWT next time though since the weight of the 4 stroke in the 20 wide Expedition is a little much for some of the places I go. You can't beat having a ton of track on the ground!

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    I am interested in hearing any reports on the newer 4 strokes as well. I am going to be looking for a 4 stroke with the best possible fuel mileage and relative light weight to explore with and haul gear into the cabin. I have a RMK 700 and a trail touring 550F right now and the gas mileage is just not good enough to really get out and explore the way I would like.
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    If you pick up the November issue of supertrax magazine that looks like this:

    It has a really great article about all the new four strokes (yamaha, arctic cat, etc.) that would be worth reading...


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