Has anyone ever had a shotgun barrel made from scratch for a specific application? I have just received mine back from Gun Barrel Guy Howard Montgomery. Wow.

I originally bought my Mossberg 590A1 for bear protection. I had the 20 inch barrel threaded for choke tubes, but it didn't shoot worth a darn, I could never get a consistent pattern. So rather than buy another shotgun, I just called Howard and told him I wanted a barrel specifically for high-flying geese, with steel shot. My barrel is 35 inches long, 1 1/8" outside diameter, with a bead on the end. The interior shines like it is chrome plated, and the fit and finish is superlative. It is threaded for chokes, and Howard made me an extra-full choke to use that is 3.5 inches long, with the constriction outside the barrel to keep the barrel from opening up. The choke walls are 0.177" thick. This choke was made for BB shot. I am going to use a Bushnell Holosight with ring and dot for sighting. I had wanted to use an Eotech, but they are pretty spendy at $350 and up.

I cannot wait to get out and pattern this barrel, but all the snow is turning to slush right now. I am looking forward to ptarmigan with this; I'll use a modified choke and No. 7 on them. This coming season, the geese are going to fall!!