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Thread: cost of grizzly hunt.

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    Default cost of grizzly hunt.

    I have a special situation offer of a grizzly (coastal) hunt, boat based this fall for 7 days (8 DAYS, 7days hunting). Is $1,000/day a reasonable cost?

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    I've never done a guided bear hunt, but my understanding is that a week-long hunt is typically 10-15,000 dollars. Seems like a grand a day is a good deal. I'd certainly check references and such, as typically you get what you pay for...but if this really is a good deal with a reputable guide with a decent success rate, it seems like you should take it.


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    If your staying in a warm place every nite, hunting with an experienced guide, in an area known to produce trophy bears, 1000 per day is a deal.
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    that is a bargain. if the outfitter is half way decent.
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