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Thread: Willow or Deshkia

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    Default Willow or Deshkia

    I am planning my first trip to Anchorage in late June or early July for a guided King trip and have narrowed my options to either be based out of Willow or the mouth of Lake Creek. Does anyone have any pro's or con's to either location?



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    there are pro's and cons on each one - talk to your guide and tell him what your expections are.

    Quality of Fish, Quality of Experience, Quality of Angling

    Be forewarned - during the King Run in Alaska the places you mentioned are going to be crowed

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    For what its worth, I would recommend the Deshka. For the past several seasons, they have allowed 2 kings per day. They are not big as kings go (ave. 20-25 lbs.) but allowing you to catch 2 can extend your day. End of June/early July is peak time on the Deshka. You can get up river and get away from the crowds. Send me a pm and I'll give you the name of an excellant guide I've used for several years, although he may already be booked.

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    Lake Creek = Really expensive big crowds
    Willow = Cheap Big Crowds with willowbillys
    Deshka = Somewhere in between, with big crowds

    Pick your poison

    I'd pick cheap with hiking, but thats just me... Good luck
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    Angry Idiot Guids

    Before you bash guides in that area, please learn how to spell. You look like the idiot in this one.

    There are plenty of good quality guides. Just do some research and talk to the outfits you are interested in. Others on this site would be happy to recommend outfits.

    Good luck.


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