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Thread: hunting around fairbanks

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    Default hunting around fairbanks

    I am going be moving up around that area and was wondering what the hunting opertunities are like up there. I chase big game and waterfowl for the most part. Is the hunting in that area good. thanks for the help and info.

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    h20 fowl close to fai has not been real good for me for a couple of years. I used to chase geese on the river, but they seem to fly later and later, well past shooting hours. Lots of people stand on the dike and skybust them on their way past.
    FAI is in Game Management Unit 20B. The local area is closed to firearms for moose only. You need a bow cert to hunt it. Like most places, the roads and local areas get hit hard. It will take a bit of time looking around to find a spot that may not be too crowded.
    Most of my big game hunting is done in different GMUs except for the occasional local bow hunt.
    Yes, there are animals, but just plan on playing well with others if you hunt from the road system. Boats around here are a good way to go, but spend some time with a local before venturing out on the Tanana, especially if you are new to boating.
    If you like floating, there are a couple of clear water rivers and streams that have fair grayling fishing.


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