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    I have Remington Xp 100. It is a bolt action pistol that shoots a 7mm BR.
    I've been out of the shooting world for some time, but I never did like the 4x scope I had on it. Looking for something variable power with easier to see optics. The scope that's on it now makes me fill like I'm looking through a tunnel.
    Any thoughts.

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    My father in law has a Savage Striker (.300 WSM) and did a lot of research before settling on a handgun scope from Burris. It has a mechanism that "locks" the crosshairs in place once you are zeroed. It was the only long relief scope we could find that was specifically rated for big bores. I'll try to find the model # for you.

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    The Burris handgun scopes are excellent. They are my favorite, by far. I also have a couple of Simmons handgun scopes on milder-recoiling barrels for my Contender, and they are good, too. However, on a high-recoil caliber, I would only recommend the Burris or a Leupold. I do prefer the Burris, tho. Seems brighter and clearer than my 2 Leupolds.....
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    Default Burris

    You can't go wrong with a Burris. I have one on my TC Encore 7mm/08 pistol and on my 30/06 Encore rifle barrel. Best scope I have ever used and I used to be a Leupold optics fan until I bought my first Burris. I won't put anything else on another gun.


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